9M14P1 Malyutka anti tank guided missile. NATO AT3 Sagger


This is the second generation missile it is semi automatic command line of sight missile it is wire guided. The gunner just had to keep his cross hair on the target rather than having to steer the missile himself. These are still in use around the world despite the initial design being 50 years old.


These are still factory sealed training missiles and come in the crates. Great addition to any man cave!






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84mm un-guided portable single shot recoilless anti-tank launcher.


Deactivated with full working action




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60mm mortar


Deactivated with full working action. Complete with cleaning rod, end caps and carry sling




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deactivated Panzerfaust-3 anti tank launcher. deactivated with some moving parts. Before U.K. deactivation the trigger mechanism was cut into three. This has been put back together again. Complete with optics.  



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Law 66mm anti tank launcher


deactivated with a full working action. 



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Russian RPO-A Shmel


Russian thermobaric single use launcher. Deactivated with a moving trigger. Complete with end caps.




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