deactivated Panzerfaust-3 anti tank launcher. deactivated with some moving parts. Before U.K. deactivation the trigger mechanism was cut into three. This has been put back together again. Complete with optics.  



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Polish tear gas and flare launcher


This is the RGA-86 rotary launcher serial number A0001. Deactivated with a full working action. Complete in its number matched transit/storage box. These were used by riot police and could fire 15 rounds of smoke,flares,tear gas before needing to be reloaded.



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Law 66mm anti tank launcher


deactivated with a full working action. 



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Russian RPO-A Shmel


Russian thermobaric single use launcher. Deactivated with a moving trigger. Complete with end caps.




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Chinese T69-1 RPG-7 copy


deactivated with a full working action. This is the rarer variant with the built in bipod. It comes with a Black PG-7 warhead (not shown) this example shows signs of device use and has a broken front sight post.




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