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You'll find all our goods using the links below or to the left at competative prices. We ensure that we supply only top-quality goods we would be proud to have in our own collections. All our deactivated firearms come with a certificate of deactivation from either the London or Birmingham proof house and are all legal to own without a licence. 





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Deactivated BulgarianRPG-7V


1969 dated Arsenal manufacture deactivated with a full working action.


Comes complete with cleaning kit, sling, optics, inert warhead  and main gunners bag.






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Polish WZ 74 Pallad


Under barrel grenade launcher, fits to any AKM style AK.


Deactivated with full working action. Cocks, clicks and dry fires.




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Steyr AUG


Deactivated with a moving trigger, selector and bolt carrier. These are very early AUGs in used condition. 




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Post war Polish copy of the PPS-43 submachine gun.

Made at Radom probably the finest PPS ever produced

Deactivated with moving bolt trigger and safety. £299


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Yugoslavian M56


7.65x25 Yugoslavian copy of the MP40, extensively used during the Balkan conflict.


Deactivated with moving cocking handle bolt carrier and trigger




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Madsen M50


Sub-machine gun made in Denmark, from 1950.


This was also entered in the extensive 1951 trails to be as British service weapon, coming a close second to the selected Sterling.


Moving bolt, trigger and safety





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7.62x25 Czech sub-machine gun deactivated with moving bolt carrier, folding stock and selector.


Unusal in that it has a magazine loading tool on the receiver.




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Lusa Portuguese sub-machine gun


This sub-machine gun was manufactured by INDEP


It is unual to see this firearm deactivated, and is welded solid




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Deactivated Yugoslavian M53


7.92 Yugoslavian copy of the German MG42. Extensively used in the breakup of Yugoslavia 


deactivated with moving bolt carrier and trigger 


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84mm un-guided portable single shot recoilless anti-tank launcher.


Deactivated with full working action




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deactivated Panzerfaust-3 anti tank launcher. deactivated with some moving parts. Before U.K. deactivation the trigger mechanism was cut into three. This has been put back together again. Complete with optics.  



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Law 66mm anti tank launcher


deactivated with a full working action. 



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Sten mark 5


9mm smg deactivated with moving bolt carrier




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Deactivated side by side 12 bore shotguns

Ideal wall hangers


1 £150


2 £150


3 £150


4 £175 black powder hammer gun


5 £175 English hammer gun


6 £125 16 bore requiring TLC



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1.  £150

2.  £150

3.  £150

4. £175

5.  £175

6.  £125