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You'll find all our goods using the links below or to the left at competative prices. We ensure that we supply only top-quality goods we would be proud to have in our own collections. All our deactivated firearms come with a certificate of deactivation from either the London or Birmingham proof house and are all legal to own without a licence. 





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Iraqi manufactured Al Nasirah RPG-7


Incredibly rare RPG-7 copy made in Iraq. This example retains its factory black furniture and West German jubilee/hose clips to retain the heat shield with a sling swivel crudely welded on.

deactivated with a full working action. A great centre piece to any Gulf War collection




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American 7 shot rocket pod LAU-68


If anything needed fortunate son as a soundtrack it's this. Used on everything from F4 phantoms to Huey gunships. So successful they are still in use today. In US Army service it was the M158A1. It comes with both transit covers and a fibreglass nose cone. The nose cones are very rare as they were jettisoned when the launcher was used. These weigh 40kg unloaded. Great man cave or garden feature!


£950 or £1700 pair


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12 Bore S/S shotgun needs TLC but Great Wall hanger £155


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Italian 12 bore folding shotgun


some damage to the safety. £195


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Nice 12 bore S/S shot gun


EU spec deactivated breaks but doesn't dryfire £225


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 Boehler Blitz .410 folding shotgun   £195


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 Zabala 12 bore shotgun


EU spec deactivated breaks open but does not dry fire.


Ideal wall hanger £250


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 Webley and Scott 812 semi automatic 12 bore shotgun Deactivated with no moving parts £250


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Israeli made mini Uzi


9mm sub machine gun/machine pistol. EU spec deactivated with moving dummy bolt trigger and selector. Comes with a spare magazine and complete in a hard case £795


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Iraqi made Al Nasiarah RPG-7


Deactivated with a full working action and comes with a set of optics. This RPG has been refurbished the furniture is not original but this is standard of many items coming from the Middle East.

The optic is a Soviet PGO-7V which I can only assume took a knock when it was captured. Iraq did not produce optics and just imported them from other sources.

Complete with sling and cleaning kit




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Deactivated Soviet RPO-Rys


Deactivated with a full working action.

This was the first Soviet thermobaric launcher. The rocket was carried in a separate canister which was attached to the back of the Rys prior to launch the trigger group is the same as used on the RPG16 and 29





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Deactivated Polish AWGL



Deactivated with a full working action.

At the heart of this Tear gas launcher lies a Polish AKM it is used to fire a blank cartridge which propels the tear gas canister out of the launcher and re cocks the action. The magazines hold 5 canisters and 10 blanks. They can be used individually or mounted on in a group of 5. Possibly the weirdest AK variant out there!



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Deactivated Micro Galil


EU spec deactivated with moving bolt carrier selector and removable magazine. Comes with a sling and magazine pouch.


This is the special forces short barrel variant of the Galil rifle. It has a handguard designed to take a torch.







Deactivated Soviet RPG-22


Deactivated with a full working action. First appearing in 1985 these were an improvement on the rpg-18. This one is missing end cap and the sling.





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Polish LPO-50 flame thrower


polish copy of the Soviet LPO-50 flame thrower deactivated with a full working action. Something really different for the collection! 



Deactivated with full working action. Cocks, clicks and dry fires.




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Steyr AUG


Deactivated with a moving trigger, selector and bolt carrier. These are very early AUGs in used condition. 




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Post war Polish copy of the PPS-43 submachine gun.

Made at Radom probably the finest PPS ever produced

Deactivated with moving bolt trigger and safety. £299


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Yugoslavian M56


7.65x25 Yugoslavian copy of the MP40, extensively used during the Balkan conflict.


Deactivated with moving cocking handle bolt carrier and trigger




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Madsen M50


Sub-machine gun made in Denmark, from 1950.


This was also entered in the extensive 1951 trails to be as British service weapon, coming a close second to the selected Sterling.


Moving bolt, trigger and safety





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7.62x25 Czech sub-machine gun deactivated with moving bolt carrier, folding stock and selector.


Unusal in that it has a magazine loading tool on the receiver.




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Deactivated Mossberg 500 slugster


EU spec deactivated with a moving pump but welded action. 12bore shotgun



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84mm un-guided portable single shot recoilless anti-tank launcher.


Deactivated with full working action




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deactivated Panzerfaust-3 anti tank launcher. deactivated with some moving parts. Before U.K. deactivation the trigger mechanism was cut into three. This has been put back together again. Complete with optics.  



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Law 66mm anti tank launcher


deactivated with a full working action. 



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Sten mark 5


9mm smg deactivated with moving bolt carrier




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Deactivated side by side 12 bore shotguns

Ideal wall hangers


3 £150


4 £175 black powder hammer gun




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3.  £150

4. £175